About Us

Who am I ?

My name is Lokesh Gupta. I have 15 years experience of working on small to enterprise applications. 

In these 15 years, most of the time I have been involved in writing REST APIs using server-side programming languages (mainly Java).

 I have self-learned most of the things written in this blog. Also, I have shared this knowledge in various mediums such as internal training and forums.

Why I built this blog ?

The content on the internet is becoming more and more polluted with duplicate, irrelevant and poor quality information.

I have built this blog to collect, present and distribute information that we may need to know while building next-generation RESTful APIs for timeless applications and software.

I will need your support and suggestions – all the time to suggest the additions and improvements to the content present on this site – to make the information more and more useful for all fellow developers and researchers.

Post me about suggestions at: [email protected]